Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starbucks-Downtown San Jose, CA, Santa Clara and Third Street

Starbucks is a major company serving coffee literally to millions of people daily all over the world, but how do their bathrooms stand up to the masses of butts on their toilet seats?

 From this picture not bad.  There were a few scraps of toilet paper on the floor, but all together very clean and fully stocked.

I also liked the warm lighting in the bathroom.  It is so much better than the blaring florescent lights many restrooms have.  It just feels too sterile for my taste.  I don't feel any cleaner, but dirty and cold.

The temperature was very nice to the skin and I know it can be hard to keep a tiled room warm.

Design wise it was smart to keep the floors dark and the tile a nice warm yellow color to make the bathroom still feel welcoming, just like a cup of coffee.

The only peeves I had with the bathroom was the need for an access code.  I understand Downtown San Jose has an issue with people using the restrooms for drugs, but is a code going to stop me from heating up the heroin in a spoon?

Another issue was a lack of a purse hook. Again, I used the door handle to hold my purse above the smeared piss invisible to the naked eye.

For how many people who visit the restroom it was a pleasantly clean and a warm visit.


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