Friday, November 25, 2011

Smoke Eaters-Cupertino, CA

Smoke Eaters, a popular wing hot spot in the San Jose area, famous for their Hellfire Challenge featured on Man vs Food.

I'm one who only stomach Atomic hot wings and visited the bathroom to wash my hands, not scrape my insides into the toilet.

It was a Tuesday when I visited, 50 Cent Wing Tuesday, busy to say the least, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the two stall bathroom surprisingly decent.

The colors were nice and warm and they turned up the heat in the tiled space.

Everything was stocked nicely and there was a hint of a flowery scent in the air, very surprising for a wing joint.

There was the visual toilet plunger, the full trashcan and the most jarring line of thin dark hair glaring under the florescent lights.

I left my share of hairs everywhere in life, but if you decided to do some grooming between breast bites  pick up your skanky locks with a paper towel, they were stocked by the way.

I also hate it when people blow their noses into the sink.  Oh my god, the noise, the visual splatter, the leavings when I go to wash my hands.  Ew. 


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