Monday, November 14, 2011

New India Chaat Cafe-San Jose, CA

New India Chaat Cafe had the best Indian food I've ever tasted, but this wasn't about the phonomonal food, it was about the porcelain throne.

I'm holding off on the picture for a moment to explain how overwheling the bathroom was.  Not because it was litered with toilet paper, covered in the smell of fecal matter, dripping with soap puddles, no, in fact it was pretty clean.

The smell was tolerable, again no purse hook, the light was bright, but since the colors were not some steirl white the floresent litghting wasn't too horrible.

In fact the design of the bathroom was so surprisingly unique I burst out laughing.

Just look at it.

Why are there ropes?

I saw a kinky woman riding on them as I sat down just to marvel at the design thoughts of the owner.

"Ropes, like a curtain, kinky no?"

My thoughts, "No, not really."  I just saw a bunch of germs clinging to them from the leaping butt matter esaping the toilet and small children hanging on them like big rats.  Nothing appealing in the image.

And look at the pink.

No definition on any of the patterns, just pink, peto bismol on the walls, perfect if you had an upset stomach from the spicy food I guess.

What was the point of cutting out designs, slapping them on the walls and painting them the same color as the wall?

The obscene design stands out the most.  Everything else is fine, but the pink and the ropes border on the funny-weird.

For the verdict: the ropes blared unsanitary, but amused me like the pink on pink wall design.  Just because this was a very unique bathroom and it amused me so much I thought a 8/10 would be nice, even if the floor was a little dirty and the room a little chill.

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