Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sa-By Thai Cuisine-San Jose, CA

While babysitting for my friends cats while they went away for over two months they recommended Sa-By Thai, the food was delicious and their bathroom was comically decorated.

It was a rather large bathroom, a little dark, but the colors were lively and in touch with the Thai feel.

However, compared to the rest of the restaurant it was substantially less classy.

All the decorations looked like they were from a hoarders garage sale and falling off the walls.

To embed the ghettoness, notes on construction paper, were posted informing the pubic about how to flush a toilet and how to turn off a light.

I'm sure many individuals forget to have any sense of common courtesy for the next patron, but leaving poorly written and fading notes on your already shabbily painted walls is just bad customer management.

To stop this annoying waste of paper please join me in flushing twice if need be and turning off the light to save some much needed energy.  This will not only help the planet, but help the management focus on important issues, like toilet paper levels.

Yes the paper was stocked, the soap full and it was clean, accept for the dust covered plants, but it was sad to see how nice the rest of the place was compared to this small room.  It would not take much effort repaint, repair and re-design to help match the class just outside the door.


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