Monday, November 21, 2011

Safeway: Braving the Men's Room-Campbell, CA

The cliche happened; a long line at the woman's room at Safeway and the men's sat empty.  I decided to open the door and go with a terrified look on the other woman's faces.

I never understood why women fear the men's room, maybe it's the fact men can whip out their urination device, because pee just sprays everywhere because men obviously have no control over their second head.

Yes, there were times where men accidentally sprayed the floor, but urine is very sterile from a healthy human being and the seat was up at the time to avoid splatter on the top seat, so women just sit on the seat, with a cover if you want, and pee.

This bathroom had a basic design and a nice color of tannish-brown read on most of the walls and floor.

An industrial trashcan stood by under the air dryer ready for any heavy duty trash leaking out of a man's pockets.

I laughed at the soap dispenser teetering on the metal bars, no official dispenser was to be seen, it broke I guess and the creativity of placement was amusing.

And there stood the toilet, seat up, clean and proud, not any different from the women's next door.

There was a little but of a urine odor, but it wasn't overpowering and the toilet brush hiding between the sink pipes, it was fine ladies, just fine.

I even left the toilet seat up when I left.


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