Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Togos, Downtown San Jose, CA

Togo's, a California staple since it first opened it's doors over forty years ago.  Cheap sandwiches, fresh bread, fast service and excellent quality, you can expect a decent bathroom visit here.

When I entered it was a little cold to the skin, but there was no chemical spell to behold and the bathroom was practically spotless, except for little bits of TP.

Everything was stocked and the music playing wasn't too bad, just a modern rock station to help pass the gas.  There were also historical pictures, news clippings to help keep you entertained if you forgot your phone and it beats reading the wash your hands sign over and over.

However, no purse hook, dusty fake plants and even though the place was well lit, it sterile white and grey made me feel like I was peeing in a cut for a medical exam.

Another issue was the toilet brush sitting right there in plain eye view, yuck, and the orange caution cone did not help, especially with the thoughts of my purse hitting the wet floor.

I hate asking for a key to pee, I feel like a small child when I have too.  I understand there were people who did drugs in your bathroom, but did I look like a heroine addict?

As for score a 6/10, it's clean, but the fact you have to ask for a key and look at the gross toilet brush did not help its measure in pleasure.

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