Friday, November 11, 2011

Holder's Country Inn-San Jose, Ca

When have gone to Holder's Inn with my family for my whole life and the food, great American fair, but were the bathrooms up to par?

Since this was a muti-stall bathroom I only minus half a point for each offence because these bathrooms were designed to hold more people and leeway was warranted for this fact.

The design of the bathroom reached out from the 70s, but it was not in a good way, even though the pink tile and worn pink counter top still works doesn't mean it doesn't make a modern woman's eye twitch.

Some toilet paper was littering the floor, the cover seats were out and the tile was grimy.

They probably do not clean unless necessary and the end of the day, but it still looks gross.

Thankfully both stalls locked, that was a rarity, and finally somebody thought purse hooks were a good idea, because it wouldn't be good business to piss off all those old granny's coming by to munch on some pancakes without need for their dentures.

Also, there was some awesome reading material if you forgot your smartphone.  But it was hard to read in the light.

Don't see much of the bathroom stall advertising anymore actually.

It was a little cold in there too and I really hate the paper towel roll just sitting on the counter, getting wet and gross.  Ew.

Items like paper towels and toilet paper should not be left out in the bathroom because it was just gross to think about the wet paper clinging to my fingers and butt.

Overall, Holder's Inn was an average booty stop at 7.5/10 for a multi-stall bathroom.

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  1. This is just a big turn off. How hard is it to clean up a place like that? Thanks for the warning!