Friday, November 18, 2011

Panera Bread-San Jose, CA

With its warm atmosphere, fresh baked goods and food Panera Bread was a great place to sit down and eat with friends and family, but how do their bathrooms compare?

The bathroom had a cheery paint job, automatic paper towel dispenser and water faucet, the toilet was push flush and there were cute wooden hooks on the bathroom walls.

It was a two stall restroom, both work, but the handicap stall toilet was not flushed.

Also, the floor was a little dirty and the bathroom was so cold.

Bad elevator music was playing, bouncing off the tile, irritating my ears with repetitive mellow tones.

It was an okay visit, but nothing stands out here, everything was safe and standard.

I'm not saying this bathroom needed to be a strange alien world or so uniquely different it blew my mind, it was functional, but I wish there was a personal flare instread of a boxcutter image made for everyother Panera Bread.

Bathrooms should be a sanctuary, especially whith the buisness being done.  This one attempted it, but it was too cold, literally, and empty of personality to reach any emotion for me.

Sad, just another average restroom, full of average design and music.  7.5/10

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