Monday, February 27, 2012

Off The Cliff House-San Francisco, CA

One of the only bathrooms near the Sutro Baths was the Cliff House; a historical home with a history of falling into the water, but people still insist on building on the crumbling cliff.

Because it was the closest public bathroom to the many public paths on Point Lobos Avenue it was bustling with many restaurant patrons and tourists coming in from outside.

Of course the first smell inhaled was the stench of pee from the three stalls within.

It was nicely lit, with salmon and white colors on the walls, not too dated, but there was some obvious updating on the sinks, while the rest of the utilities were functional but older.

At least it was warm, actually it was a warm day in San Francisco in general, but the toilet was slightly dirty, nothing a little wipe of toilet paper didn't fix.

There were also cool historical pictures hanging on the walls, nice jazz/big band music playing and a huge real flower on the sink counter.

Everything was full: the toilet paper, seat covers, soap, paper towels.  For how crowded this bathroom was  I expected a lack of maintenance, but this restroom was certainly up to booty par.


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