Friday, February 10, 2012

Do Not Mix Blendz in the Toilet-San Jose, CA

Blendz was a pretty good place to stop by for a smoothie, salad or sandwich with their fresh atmosphere, but was the bathroom leafy green?

Many places in downtown require you to ask for a key, Blendz was no different and I really hate it, so one point down on them already before I even go inside.

The inside was nice, white, bright green and purple paint, tacky fake flowers, a very dark brown table, vegetable pictures on the walls.  Only the plant and table were out of place, so not so bad in design.

It was also very clean.  Maybe this is the benefit for having to ask for a key, I'm not finding heroine spoons on the sink, so it may tick me off asking for a key, but there was one obvious benefit.

Everything was authentically nice, everything was full, there was the toilet brush staring at me, but all in all Blendz was a good place to go.


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