Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to the 24 Century. Hooray.-San Jose, CA

I worked Century Theaters for over three years, so I know how clean their bathrooms can be.  Honestly, they should be almost spotless because there was about two hours of downtime between rushes, the movies all playing, nothing to do but clean or chat, most chatted, I cleaned.

Walking in the whole room smelled like urine and, good start for a bathroom blogger I must say, and the floors were dirty with bits of paper.  

Of course the first stall I enter was full of toilet paper, only toilet paper thank god, I went to another one and sat down in disgust.

It was also a little dark, not in the bathroom rape sense, but a romantic one; like trying to hide all the flaws romantic kind of lighting and it wasn't serenading me very well.

There were purse hooks, the toilet paper was full in all 11 stalls, there was only one empty seat cover dispenser and another un-flushed toilet.  Not too bad for a large bathroom.

The sink was wet, one of the soaps was empty and both trashcans were full.  I do not like washing my hands around an empty sink, because if I lean in too far my whole shirt will be wet for the day.  

The 70s pink design was updated to a modern style and thankfully didn't strain my eyes to bleeding.

Honestly, it wasn't horrible, but I go back to the two hour break between rushes at movie theaters.  I was disappointed in how just full and messy the bathroom was and the smell, there was no excuse for this bathroom to have the mess I experienced.

Cleaning the bathroom sucks, but everybody has to do it sometime and I own cats, so I have to clean their bathroom too.  I did my time and work at the theater, obviously my work ethic did not rub off of the pimply teens taking my place.  


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