Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goldfish Point Cafe-La Jolla, CA

 I was on vacation with my boyfriend in San Diego and we decided to go down to La Jolla.  While there we visited the Goldfish Point Cafe where we got a coffee and took a stop at the porecelain throne.

Inside it was rather sad because it featured hardly any personality for a cute name like Goldfish.

The red tile was a cheap kitchen tile featured almost in every resturantes back kitchen.

It wasn't really clean, no pursehook and it was a little cold.

I was hoping for decorations to feel like a fishbowl with cool colors and personality.  This bathroom featured none but a place to go and move on.

Goldfish Cafe was a place for a decent coffee, but its bathroom was an eyesore compared to the rest of La Jolla.

I think it was disappointing for the owner not to take advantage of such a creative name and only going half way with it.

Perhaps it would be best for this bathroom to be for employees only.


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