Monday, February 13, 2012

A Perfect Finish: Plop-San Jose, CA

A Perfect Finish was an underrated bar in downtown San Jose featuring a leg lamp and a cute bathroom.

Honestly, the colors were soothing, it was warm, the light actually lit up the room well.  This was a classy bathroom at a classy bar.

There was a few small interests; like the BATH purse hook.  The hook spelled out the word bath.  It was one of those items not quite matching, but it was one of those purchases at Target that would make the bathroom shine.

Despite the simple trash cans, I felt I could sit on this john forever with the toilet paper and seat covers full.

The view may not have been much, with the giant electric box and a strange mosaic framed painting, but it was a classy sit down where I felt cleaner when I got out.


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