Monday, February 6, 2012

Attack of the "The Kraken"-Cardiff, CA

Visiting a bar bathroom can be risky business and The Kraken doesn't disappoint.

There was some character in the bathroom: including a urine like smell, layers of graffiti for a good time, piles of air fresheners, broken stalls and the wonderful cheap to clean red tile.

The mix of urine and Palms of Paradise air disks stacked on top of a narrow ledge above the sink made my nose twitch and itch. Just a suggestion, cleaning can also help with smell.

Of course the stall I was in was broken and I held the door.  Uncomfortable to say the least, I couldn't enjoy the games on my iPhone, but there was writing on the wall.

I loved how the writing on the stalls was dated and initialed like school yearbook blurbs.  These secret messages were for the regulars, a primitive message board still in use today.

I felt nasty going in to the barley maintained toilet hole and left wanting to take a shower.  I almost saw the germs crawling on the walls clinging to the toilet paper.  This was a place to piss, leave and drink some more drinks.

The only redeeming quality about this place was their awesome BBQ.  It was so good, but if you have to pee, better go across the street to the restaurant, better to risk the unknown at this point.

3/10 only because it wasn't a hold in a ground with poison ivy for toilet paper.

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