Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fresh Choice-San Jose, CA

I liked Fresh Choice; the salads and soups were generally healthy and the price was right.  But with the cafeteria style of seating, does the bathroom suffer from the lunchroom treatment?

The first sensory I encountered was the musty urine smell.  Gross and as uninviting as the chilly darkness.  There was no happy medium in lighting.  The most light was at the sink, but when I sat down at the toilet it became a cave.

Of course their toilet paper was thin as a Bibles, low and stored on top of the toilet.  At least the seat covers were stocked to warm my bottom from the plastic seats chill.  Not even the 90s music cheered me up as I waited for my business.

To add to the gross, the plunger was out.  Disgusting, uninviting, unsanitary, why did the manager think it was a good idea to leave a poo mover out?

Also, even in the dark, it was pink, pink, pink.  Yes, girls born in a hospital were adorned with a cute pink hat and blanket at birth, but it doesn't mean no other colors exist for a woman's bathroom.  But it was functional and cheap.

Further, if I was going to change my baby here, I would do it on a dining room table, the changing table here was cocked on.

Another safety issue was the light switch, it was cracked in half, just the cover, only 99 cents to fix people.

At least everything was stocked in the sink and the decoration was real flowers for once.

All together this bathroom was a dark, cold, hazard to all the senses.  5.5/10

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  1. To add to the gross, the plunger was out. Disgusting, uninviting, unsanitary
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