Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Counter-San Jose, Ca

The Counter was a modern 50s hamburger joint, with overpriced food and boring bathroom.

Santana Row was supposed to be a hip-happening place filled with drunken idiots on Friday night and The Counter a place to munch on a food fit for the munchies.

The place itself felt like a place from The Jetsons cartoon without the space-spandex outfits.

Sadly the design leaves little in the memory banks and the large TVs just take away from the atmosphere.

In the bathroom it featured a large hanging white globe in the bluish white tile and painted space.  The space was very soothing, simple, but features little atmosphere other than the music to cover up toilet flushes.

Everything was clean, but the toilet paper was thin as Bible pages, one of the handles on the locks was missing, no purse hooks,  one of the seat cover dispensers was empty, there was toilet paper rolls on top of the paper towel dispensers, the toilet brush was visually obvious and the trashcan was full.

The most interesting parts in the bathroom was the hexagon tile floors, thank goodness everybody has i-Phones to keep them busy on the pot.

Overpriced burgers, with an unsure design and blase design; The Counter was just a clean toilet in a forgettable space.  6.5/10

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