Friday, January 20, 2012

Trials-San Jose, CA

Trials had this wonderful English PUB feel to it and it is so nice not to see any TVs blaring sports at a bar and my butt can't help but be afraid of the woman's room.

Of course the room was a little dark to match the feel of the PUB, but it wasn't like I couldn't find the toilet, nice and clean by the way.

By the sink a plunger sat and the seat covers were a little low.

There was some trash on the floor by the little table, where I put my purse, where the tacky plastic flowers stared at me while I waited for my yellow stream to end.

The red paint and white tile were nice, but the high ceilings made the entire room cold, leaving a hint of a musty urine smell.

The light itself was just a light bulb.  Maybe there as a nice glass ornament covering the lonely at one time, but not today.

Overall, it wasn't too bad for a PUB and I just couldn't stop loving the stained glass.


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