Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Basin Cafe-Saratoga, CA

I was chilling with my friend in downtown Saratoga, you know, where the richer than Los Gatos people live?  There was this little coffee shop and I really had to pee so I went in and my friend ordered a coffee.

It was a small bathroom; warm, well lit, nice air freshner smell and it featured calm colors.

Everything was also full, but the plunger was viiable, the toilet paper was on the toilet and there was some paper towles on the floor by the trashcan.

There was also a chair in front of the toilet just in case somebody wants to watch you go.  A little creepy for my taste, but I try not to judge.

It was an average clean bathroom, boring is ok I guess especially when it is a bathroom, because who wants ropes and pepto bismol pink?

Small but charming, 8/10 for me if you just need a clean place to pee.

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