Monday, December 26, 2011

Petco-San Jose, CA

Petco, where the pets go!  That's why they have oops bags.

Yes I shop at Petco occasionally because sometimes Target fails to have what I need, namely specialty items like decent cat food.

I volunteered at this Petco for Town Cats a while back and now the Humane Society is there, sad because Town Cats is a no kill rescue 100%, while the Humane Society will send unwanted animals away to be euthanized by another shelter so they say they are a "open door" shelter.

When I was there I used the bathroom many times, this time the bathroom featured a dark atmosphere, no purse hooks, a dirty sink and much more.

Retail sucks, I know this and anyone who has worked it knows it, but it doesn't mean  you leave your bathroom a mess.

I can't understand an employee who will go into the bathroom and not clean it up, especially if she isn't on break.

There were no seat covers, the trash was full and it just felt dirty to sit down in.

The sink was the worst wet mess, there were tacky fake, dusty, plastic plants to show off the bad filtration system and no soap to wash my hands.

Honestly, the store was not busy and regardless of how many signs are up stating "If the bathroom needs attention alert the management  :)" who informs the employees anything less than a diarrhea apocalypse?

It felt genuinely creepy and sad, because employees have to go here too, showing the lack of respect they have for their one private place.

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