Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Public Bathroom Horror Story

The door creeks open to a mess of paper towels on the cold concrete floor, soap covered sinks and wads of toilet paper on the ceiling.  A damp left over gym sock smell reaches into your nostrils, burning your eyes into a watery blur and you walk over pushing open one of the brown stall doors with a screech.  A flickering florescent light clicks off for a second, leaving you alone with the cold stench wrapping around you, the light flicks back on and you see the remains of toilet paper on the rim with bits of leftover scrapings from the last visitor to this john.  Oozing water slicks the floor with dirt and blackened things trying to stick to your shoes.  Little yellow drops decorate the seat and the rim is dotted brown on the inside with a lingering sticky smell.

Doing duty is a dirty business at times and I know many of you have experienced a situation similar to the bathroom horror story above.  I do not like going into dirty bathrooms, no one does, and I thought it would be nice and funny, to write bathroom reviews for the johns I visit.  

Each bathroom will be rated on the following attributes:
Paper Stock
and anything else relevant to the royal toilet experience.

Please just enjoy the fun and thank you for reading.

Joelle Driver

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