Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tandoori Oven, Campbell, CA

 Tandoori Oven is one of my favorite Indian resturants mainly because they try to keep the food authentic, but have western fusions as well.  After a meal of rice, curry and some delicious nann it is preferable to visit the restroom to cleanse the pores from any spicy debris left.

I  entered to the smell of harsh chemicals reached my nostrils, immediately making me feel a little sick.  Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but trying to keep a bathroom clean with overpowering bleach smell is an extreme way to keep the toilet free of germs.

After recovering from the smell the bathroom has a nice decor and wasn't too dirty, only a few pieces of toilet paper.  The toilet was clean, the mirror clean, the garbage was a little full, but not overflowing and to the right there was a nice image of a painted butterfly to lighten the mood.  In fact there were nice designs all around the bathroom.
They could stand to replace the red tile, but it's a standard kitchen tile, easy to clean and cheap.

However, the toilet paper was rather low and no toilet seat covers to be found.  Far from a catastrophe, but maintaining a well stocked bathroom was essential to a high score. For a plus,
the soap was filled, the paper towels well stocked when washing up.

Another minus was how there was not any hooks or tables to put my purse down on.  I do not care how clean the floor looked, it was still covered in wet nasty germs waiting to cling onto my purse.  There also was not a changing table, sorry moms have to change the baby where dinner was served.

Overall an average experience: 6.5/10

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